Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the villa from Verona, from the Garda Lake or from the Airport?2018-11-16T16:29:42+01:00

The villa is 10km from Verona city center and 20km from Lake Garda. If you plan to visit the villa by public transport or by car, our CONTACT page contains all the information you need.

Will my rental entitle me to exclusive access of the villa?2018-11-16T16:29:50+01:00

Yes. Villa Bertani will host only one wedding at a time for the hours specified in the contract. Rental gives exclusive access to the space.

Is it possible to rent a single room for a wedding or a private event?2018-11-14T17:19:12+01:00

No, for weddings, is not possible to rent a single room of the villa.
For corporate events, it is possible to rent one or more rooms. The price is based on the number of participants.

What’s the maximum capacity of the villa?2018-11-14T17:21:34+01:00

The maximum capacity inside of the villa is 250 people. The largest room holds a maximum of 100 people.

Which interior rooms and exterior spaces of the villa are available to rent?2018-11-14T17:26:55+01:00

The rooms on ground floor of the villa, the ancient tinaia* and, upon request, the so-called “Bride’s Sitting Room”.

*An historic barrel room, used for wine fermentation and storage
The outside areas available for rent are the front and back gardens as well as the park adjacent to the small lake.

Can I schedule a visit to view the wedding venue? At what times can I visit?2018-11-14T17:29:32+01:00

Yes. To set up an appointment without obligation to rent, please send an e-mail to: info@mosconibertani.it.

You can schedule a visit at any of the following times:
Monday thru Friday, from 9:30am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 6pm
Saturdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm

In addition to visiting the venue, is it possible to schedule meetings with service providers?2018-11-14T17:31:19+01:00

Yes, it is possible to set up meetings with service providers.

Is there a time limit for events or weddings?

No. The standard rental period expires at 1am, at which point the Lessee must pay an hourly fee for any additional time incurred.

Is there an agreement to sign before the event? What kind of contractual obligations does it include?2018-11-15T11:13:27+01:00

We provide a contract that includes some obligations and rules to follow to safeguard the villa, including mandatory security service. Any non-sparkling wines served must be from the Tenuta Santa Maria.

Are there dedicated spaces for catering and staff?2018-11-15T11:17:18+01:00

Yes. The caterers have access to a non-equipped kitchen space.

Do the service providers have rules or guidelines to follow?2018-11-15T11:20:54+01:00

Yes. Service providers also have obligations and must sign a contract with terms and conditions.

Do you suggest to take out an insurance policy for the wedding?2018-11-15T11:25:56+01:00

Yes, we recommend taking out an insurance policy for the wedding.

What is the role of your staff during events and weddings?2018-11-15T11:35:28+01:00

Our staff will be present at your event, providing technical support.

Do you host legally-recognized civil marriage ceremonies?2018-11-15T11:38:02+01:00

Yes. We host legally-recognized civil marriage ceremonies, registered with the municipality of Negrar.

Do you host religious marriage ceremonies at the villa chapel?2018-11-15T10:13:17+01:00

Yes. We host religious marriage ceremonies in the villa’s San Gaetano Church.

Do you host marriage ceremonies for different cultures and religions?2018-11-15T10:13:45+01:00

Yes. We host marriage ceremonies for different cultures and religions.

Do you offer a consultation service for foreign couples or people living abroad?2018-11-15T10:14:07+01:00

Villa Bertani has hosted many weddings for foreign couples. Our staff will be happy to help you with the organisation, even if you live abroad.

Are photos allowed to be taken inside the villa, garden, and park?2018-11-15T10:14:28+01:00

Yes, photography is allowed in all the rented spaces of the villa.

Who is responsible in case of damage to the property?2018-11-15T10:15:21+01:00

The Lessor assumes no responsibility in case of damages. The Lessee will be liable for any damages incurred during the contract period, including damage to property.

Who is responsible in case of theft while at the villa?2018-11-15T10:15:15+01:00

The Lessor denies any responsibility for theft, either accidental or due to extenuating circumstances. The Lessee will be liable for any theft or losses incurred during the contract period.

Is it possible to set up the villa for the wedding any time in advance?2018-11-15T10:23:54+01:00

The villa can be prepared only on the same day of the event. The removal of equipment must happen at the end of the event.

Can the furniture of the villa be rearranged?2018-11-15T10:23:31+01:00

Moving of furniture or objects without the express consent of the estate’s owners or responsible staff is prohibited. 

Does the park have illumination?2018-11-15T10:23:07+01:00

There are no lights in the park, but it is connected to the electrical supply.

Is it possible to change or enhance the lighting?2018-11-15T10:22:44+01:00

The lighting can be customised by working with a service provider.

Is parking available at the villa?2018-11-15T10:22:23+01:00

Yes, there is a space outside the villa for parking.

How can I book a visit?2018-09-23T18:01:33+02:00

You can book your visit online only, in the booking section.

Is it possible to enter into the grounds of the villa with a vehicle?2018-11-15T10:21:52+01:00

No, it is not possible drive onto the grounds of the villa with a vehicle. People with disabilities can be accompanied from the outside parking area.

How can I reach Villa Bertani?2018-09-23T17:52:28+02:00

On the webpage CONTACT you can find all the information to reach us by public transport or by car.

How can I book a taxi service to arrive at the villa from Verona/from the airport/from Venice?2018-09-23T20:21:26+02:00

The telephone number of the Radiotaxi Verona switchboard is: +39 045 532666.

Is it possible to park a vehicle in the gardens or park of the villa?2018-11-15T10:21:27+01:00

No. For reasons of public safety, vehicles must be parked only in the parking lots.

Are the tours private? Is it possible to book a private tour?2018-09-23T20:20:45+02:00

Guided tours are usually planned to include different groups of people. It is, however, possible to have an exclusive tour by booking it in advance and paying an additional charge of €35 per person.

Is it possible to host bands, music groups or other forms of entertainment?2018-11-15T10:20:33+01:00

Yes, it is possible to host musical groups or other forms of live entertainment during the event.

Do the guided tours and tastings occur at a specific time of the day?2018-09-23T20:19:54+02:00

Guided tours and tastings start at 10am, 2pm, and 4pm Tuesday through Friday.

On Monday, tours start at 2:00pm and 4pm.

On Saturday, tours start at 10am.

On Sunday, tours start at 10am, 2pm, and 4pm (from April through October).

Is it possible to dance in any room of the villa? Or is a special room dedicated to the celebration party?2018-11-15T10:20:10+01:00

Not all spaces can be used for dancing. The back garden of the Villa and in the “Antica Tinaia” room are the two spaces suitable for dance music.

Is it mandatory to book the tour in advance? Can I just arrive there directly and visit the winery and villa?2018-09-23T20:17:31+02:00

We strongly recommended that you book your tour in advance, especially in spring and summer when a lot of tourists visit the villa. It is possible to join another visiting group by arriving at the villa at the established time according to the tour schedule. Space is available until we reach the maximum number of visitors.

Is it possible to have fireworks?2018-11-15T10:19:45+01:00

Yes, it is possible to organise a fireworks show by requesting the authorisation from the municipality of Negrar.

Is it possible to use lanterns or candles?2018-11-15T10:31:06+01:00

Use of clay pot garden candles is prohibited. Use of candles or tea lights on the walkways is also prohibited. The use of lanterns is welcome. 

Is it possible to book a visit at a different time than listed on the schedule?2018-09-23T20:16:30+02:00

Off-schedule visits must be booked in advance and are only available for large groups. The visit must take place before the wine shop closes at 6pm.

Is throwing confetti or rice allowed?2018-11-15T10:30:40+01:00

No, it is forbidden to throw confetti or rice in the villa or park.

How long is the villa tour? What can I expect to see?2018-09-23T20:14:34+02:00

The visit lasts ca. 45 minutes and it includes an explanation of the villa’s history and its strong bond with winemaking tradition. You will see the rooms on the ground floor of the villa, the secret garden, the poets’ park, the vineyard, and the historic barrel cellar where the wine is aged.

Do you offer any assistance to the couple when choosing the service providers and coordinating the wedding?2018-11-15T10:30:07+01:00

No, we do not help choose wedding planners or other service providers, but we can give you a list of recommended vendors.

Is it possible to cancel a reservation and receive a refund?2018-09-23T20:11:23+02:00

For those who book the visit on Tripadvisor paying in advance, it is possible to cancel your reservation and get a refund. For those who book on booking.com, there is no advance payment, but it is still possible to cancel the reservation.

Are we obligated to choose specific catering companies or any other service providers?2018-11-15T10:29:40+01:00

No. The Lessee may employ a duly licensed Catering Company or other service providers of his/her choice, agreed upon with the Lessor.

Is it possible to take a guided tour in English or German?2018-09-23T20:10:59+02:00

Our staff provides guided tours in Italian and English. For large groups, it is possible to ask for a tour in German or Spanish.

Do you provide the decor or the flower arrangements?2018-11-15T10:29:19+01:00

We provide neither the decor nor the flower arrangements for the event.

What kind of tastings do you offer?2019-02-13T11:06:27+01:00

We offer two options for the wine tasting: The “Tradition” tasting, which costs €22, includes: Soave and our traditional wines Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone. The “Selection” tasting for €35 includes: a selection of our red wines Ripasso, Amarone and two different vintages of Merlot.

The price includes water and breadsticks to accompany the tasting, but it does not include cheese or salami.

Is it possible for the bride or groom to have access to a private room?2018-11-15T10:28:43+01:00

Yes, on request, you can rent a room located on the first floor, the so-called “Bride’s Sitting Room, where the bride or the groom can change their clothes.

Is it possible to join only a guided tour session or only a wine tasting session?2018-09-23T20:07:46+02:00

Yes, it is possible to join a guided tour without taking part in a wine tasting. It costs €9 per person.

Tastings, however, always include the guided tour.

Could you tell me more about the tasting?2018-09-23T20:07:03+02:00

Tastings usually occur at the end of the guided tour. We have a room dedicated entirely to this part of the visit. Our hospitality staff will describe our wines along with a video presentation.

Do you arrange transportation for the wedding’s guests?2018-11-15T10:27:57+01:00

On request, we can arrange transportation for the wedding guests to and from the villa.

What do you explain about the vineyards and wines?2018-09-23T20:05:53+02:00

During the tasting our staff will explain the indigenous grapes that we use for our wines, the technique we use to cultivate the vineyards, and their terroir and soil. Moreover, there is a focus on the aromas and bouquet on the nose and on the palate.

Is there a cleaning service available during the event?2018-11-15T10:27:37+01:00

Yes, the lease includes a cleaning service for the first 3 hours of the event.

What kind of payment methods do you provide?2018-09-23T20:00:35+02:00

Tours are payable in cash as well as with debit card, credit card, or Apple Pay.

Is there a security service available during the event?2018-11-15T10:27:09+01:00

Yes. For every event, we require a licensed security professional certified in first aid and fire prevention. The cost based on the total length of your stay.

Is there parking outside the villa?2018-09-23T20:00:13+02:00

Yes, Villa Bertani has a parking lot right in front of the entrance gate. It is available to anyone who visits the villa or wine shop.

Do you offer valet parking service?2018-11-15T10:26:47+01:00

On request and for an additional fee, it is possible to hire a valet parking service.

Are children welcome for tours or tastings? Do children pay for the visit?2018-09-23T19:59:47+02:00

Children are allowed only if they are under constant adult supervision, whether it is during the tour or the tasting session. Entrance is free for children under 14 years of age.

Are there any sleeping accommodations?2018-11-15T10:26:24+01:00

No. It is not possible to spend the night at the villa.

Can I bring my dog with me?2018-09-23T18:13:37+02:00

Only small-sized dogs are allowed in the villa. They must be kept on a leash.

Is it possible to join a guided tour and tasting?2018-11-15T10:25:57+01:00

Yes. By booking in advance you can join a guided tour and tasting of our winery on the day of your special event. For further information, visit our guided tour and tasting webpage. You can also find the info in the FAQ section with the same name.

Is the villa accessible by buses? How many buses can park there? Is there a room in which the bus driver can wait for the group?2018-09-23T18:12:54+02:00

The road leading to the villa is accessible for buses transporting visitors. Only one a bus at a time can park outside the villa.

The bus driver can wait outside in the parking area for the group.

Are tours of Villa Bertani wheelchair accessible?2018-09-23T18:11:02+02:00

Disabled people are very welcome , but unfortunately not every part of the villa is accessible to them. The cellar, for example, is underground and the only way to access it is by using a staircase. There is no elevator. 

The other areas of Villa Mosconi Bertani don’t have architectural obstacles. It is possible to visit the interior of the villa, the park, and the vineyard behind it.

Is there a waiting room or a room in general where people can wait?2018-09-23T18:09:11+02:00

We do not provide a waiting room in the villa. We advise that you plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your visit.

Do you offer customised tastings for large groups or companies?2018-09-23T18:07:25+02:00

Yes, it is possible to organise customised tastings. For further information, please send an e-mail to: info@mosconibertani.it..

Is it possible to organise weddings, private events , or corporate events at the villa?2018-09-23T18:05:30+02:00

For more information, please send an e-mail to: info@mosconibertani.it.

Is it possible to add a cheese board or sliced meats to complement the wine tasting?2018-09-23T18:04:18+02:00

Yes, we offer cheese or sliced meat platters to accompany wine tastings. Request and payment must be made in advance. We do not offer this service on Sunday.

Is it possible to have lunch or dinner inside the villa?2018-09-23T18:00:50+02:00

Of course! We will be happy to organise a lunch or dinner for a minimum number of 15 participants.

Can the wines I purchase be delivered directly to my home?2018-09-23T18:00:17+02:00

Certainly! We can ship the wines directly to you. You just have to complete some shipment documents and pay an additional shipping charge.

Can I buy Duty Free wines at the wine shop?2018-09-23T17:58:36+02:00

We can implement the Duty Free formula only for wines shipped to countries outside the European Union.

Can I buy a gift voucher?2018-09-23T17:57:24+02:00

Yes. To request a gift voucher, send an e-mail with the name of the recipient of the gift as well as the specific gift or amount you would like to give. Payment must be made in advance.

Can you call a taxi for me at the end of the visit?2018-09-23T17:56:42+02:00

If requested, our staff will call a taxi for you after your visit.

Is it possible to spend the night?2018-09-23T17:53:55+02:00

The villa does not offer accommodation for overnight stays.

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