The Chamber of the Muses

This magnificent room, three floors in height, is lavishly decorated with 18th century frescoes featuring stunning <i>trompe l’oeil</i>, figures of the muses of art and science, and an allegory of time’s flight depicting the four seasons. There is a quality both elegant and intimate in this space, in the timeless air of the painted images and the welcoming palette of warm pastel tones, blending harmoniously with the stone flooring. The Chamber of the Muses can hold a hundred people seated and a hundred and fifty standing.

Ideal for dinner, cocktails, or the cutting of the cake.

Area: 109m²
Length x Width: 9,1m x 12,0m
Height: 10,3m

Villa Mosconi Bertani

Villa Mosconi Bertani - Capacità - Salone delle Muse