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Guided Tours and Wine Tastings

The Villa and its cellars have played a significant role in the history of both art and winemaking in Verona. Today in this same storied location, Gaetano Bertani and his family continue this important cultural and enological tradition.

Guided tours follow the history of the Villa, its architecture and wine production, taking guests through the elegant rooms and salons, the gardens and Romantic park, the historic cellars and the vineyards which produce grapes for Amarone and Valpolicella wines.

Wine tastings include a minimum of four wines from different Veronese valleys, all produced by the Bertani family. Each wine is presented with an explanation of the terroir, grape varietal, method of vinification and its particular sensory characteristics.

The guided tour runs forty-five minutes long. The full tour, complete with a guided tour and wine tasting, lasts an hour and a half. Our staff speaks Italian, English, German and Spanish. To accompany the wine tasting, guests may choose to add a selection of locally-produced cold-cuts and cheeses.

Guided Tour Only

A 45 minute guided tour of the Villa, the gardens and park, vineyards and historic cellars. In addition to Italian, tours can be conducted in English, German and Spanish.

Due Valli – ‘Two Valleys’

Lepia Soave Doc
Torre Pieve Chardonnay
Pràgal Corvina Syrah
Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore Doc

This tasting includes a fascinating overview of both indigenous Doc and igt wines produced in the province of Verona, from the Tenuta Santa Maria alla Pieve. The elegant Soave Lepia Doc 100% Garganega, the Pragal’s spicy blend of Merlot and Syrah grapes, and the complex, multi-layered Valpolicella Ripasso Doc.


Lepia Soave Doc
Torre Pieve Chardonnay
Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore Doc
Amarone Classico Docg

Three Veronese wines chosen for their grapes and the method with which they were produced. The elegant Soave, from the white Garganega grape, followed by two blends of the native red grapes Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone: the Valpolicella made using the ripasso method, and the Amarone Classico made with the appassimento technique.


Lepia Soave Doc
Torre Pieve Chardonnay
Decima Aurea Merlot
Amarone Classico Docg

This intriguing tasting presents four different wines. The Amarone Classico and Soave are made from indigenous grapes, while the Decima Aurea Merlot and Torre Pieve Chardonnay are made from international varietals. Each, in its own way, serves to express a unique aspect of the winemaking traditions native to the Verona area.


Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore Doc
Amarone Classico Docg 2011
Amarone Classico 2009
Decima Aurea Merlot 2004

A tasting showcasing the depth of knowledge and excellence found at our winery. From the native Corvina, Corvinone e Rondinella grapes, a vintage of Valpolicella Ripasso and two splendid vintages of Amarone Classico, accompanied by our elegant Merlot Decima Aurea.

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Private guided tours, groups, and kitchen services

By reservation you can enjoy exclusive guided tours and tasting with the use of a private room. For groups of at least ten people, you can also book lunches and dinners and personalize your visit according to your particular needs. For more information about groups, kitchen services and exclusive visits, please contact us directly.


Wines served at the Villa are produced by the Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani